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For high security, use a long, complex passphrase that is difficult to guess. Short passphrases lead to high visibility, and text can be overwritten by anyone who stumbles upon it. Please keep in mind that your passphrase is case sensitive.

Your notepad is encrypted in your browser before it is sent to our server for storage. We have no way of knowing your passphrase or seeing the contents of your notepad. If you forget your passphrase, there is no recovery process.

Technical Details:
Using client-side JavaScript, your passphrase is run through the memory-intensive scrypt key derivation function (N=218, r=8, p=1, dkLen=32) to generate a secret key.

Your secret key is used to encrypt your notepad with AES256 encryption. The ciphertext (encrypted notepad) is sent along with a SHA256 hash of your secret key to the server for storage.

When you retrieve your notepad, your SHA256 hash is sent to the server, and the ciphertext is returned. The ciphertext is decrypted using your secret key, revealing your notepad.

Passphrase.io was inspired by the concept of the Bitcoin briainwallet, which allows you to store money in your brain by memorizing a passphrase.
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Daniel Routman

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